Welcome to the Android Happe Client Installation site. The following steps will enable you to install and configure the necessary software on your Android-based device to access the Happe-MDs service.


Please be sure to read all of these directions before you start installing the software.


  • From your android device open the Android Market app and search for Citrix Receiver.
  • Install the Citrix Receiver App.
  • After you have successfully installed the Citrix Receiver Application, from your Android device, open the Citrix Receiver app.
  • Select Set up my enterprise apps.
  • Next, you will be prompted to enter an address.  Enter https://system.happe-mds.com
  • Next enter the following:
  • Username:    Happe User ID. (example NC00101)
    Password:     Enter your Happe ID password
    Domain:         tsinet
    Description:   Happe-MDs
  • Press the Add button when finished.
  • Once you have saved the new profile, you can now proceed to log in to the Happe-MDs service by pressing the Happe-MDs listing from within Citrix Receiver.
  • After logging into the Happe-MDs system, you will see an entry for Happe Desktop. Select the Happe Desktop listing to run the e-MDs application.
  • To access the Happe-MDs service from your Android device, you will have to open the Citrix Receiver app instead of logging in directly through the Happe-MDs site.